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If you’re searching for work in Canada, you may also want to consider the huge international market. Technology has significantly increased the number of remote work opportunities. You can pursue foreign jobs on an equal footing while working from home in Canada. JobArc, a Canadian professional employment organization (PEO), simplifies the employment process by handling all payroll, payroll tax and benefits.

Contracts & Legal Work

We simplify the process of working with Canadian talent by taking care of all payroll, payroll tax, benefits and related paperwork.

Direct Deposits

We handle all payroll in the form of direct deposit. You will be paid bi-monthly, on the 15th, and at the end of the month.


We provide you with all the documents needed to file your taxes correctly. It is not necessary to learn another tax process as you are still a Canadian employee.

Expanded Opportunities

Whatever type of work you're looking for, JobArc can help you get the position that is perfect for your job goals.

The Benefits


How It Works



Expand your employment search to the U.S. market. Apply and interview at positions specifically created for working remotely in Canada.



Connect JobArc with those U.S. businesses interested in Canadian workers. We can put their mind at ease by taking care of all payroll, payroll tax, and benefits.



We will work with you to help correctly set up your payroll information, direct deposit, and all applicable benefits before you begin working.



You will get paid bi-monthly, on the 15th, and at the end of the month. We are available to answer any payroll questions you may have.

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