Workers – FAQ

Answers to your questions...

  • Can I travel to the US for work? Yes, you can travel to the US for meetings with colleagues, clients and customers. You can also travel for conferences, seminars, etc. Generally, any such travel for meetings and information gathering is acceptable. However, it is important that actual work is done in Canada and this is what is communicated to border officials.
  • Does JobArc look for work for me? We aren’t a recruiting agency. We do have some relationships with US and Canadian recruiters. If you send us your resume, we will make it available to them as we find good matches. We recommend that you pursue jobs yourself. We would be happy to get involved when you feel it’s appropriate. For example, we could have a video call with the company where we explain the JobArc process.
  • Do I have to pay? There is no charge to the employee for JobArc services.
  • Extended benefits? We have an extended benefits package that includes dental, vision, prescription drugs, chiropractic, physiotherapy, long term disability, critical illness, life insurance, etc. Please email for details.
  • Will I pay US taxes? No. As a Canadian resident working for a Canadian company in Canada, you only file Canadian personal tax returns and only pay Canadian income tax.
  • Which job sites do you recommend? LinkedIn, Indeed and WeWorkRemotely.
  • Am I obligated to work long-term? You are free to seek employment elsewhere at any time.
  • Is it really this simple? Yes, we strive to keep it as simple as possible for both sides. On the Canadian side, it’s a regular employer-employee relationship. On the American side, it’s a regular vendor-business relationship. The complicated work is done by JobArc.

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