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  • How does medical work? Medical coverage is not tied to employers in Canada. Your Canadian team members will already have coverage and those benefits will continue, at no cost, during and after their employment via JobArc.
  • Can I pick and choose a benefit package? A comprehensive benefit package is standard and available to all employees. It includes dental, vision, prescription coverage, etc. Ask for details.
  • Do you have a 401(K) plan? Canada has something similar called an RRSP (registered retirement savings plan). These accounts are controlled by the individual and are separate from their employer. JobArc allows you to make an annual contribution to their RRSP. There are no fees for this service. You can contribute up to 5% of their annual salary and request that they match any contributions if you prefer.
  • Can I move a worker to Canada from a third country and have them work for us? Yes, that may be possible but the person would have to qualify to enter Canada under existing immigration rules. It is recommended that an immigration attorney be consulted for such cases.
  • Is a TN visa required? No, that visa is required for immigration purposes but the worker is working in Canada.
  • Do I pay in Canadian dollars? No, you pay in US dollars to a US bank account.
  • What are the fees? JobArc has aggressively priced our services to compare favourably with competitors. We are proud of our pricing and feel free to ask us for a quote. Canadian payroll taxes are less than American payroll taxes. Canadian health care is paid for by the government. Our fees generally cost less than these savings.
  • How do I find Canadian talent? Mark your remote jobs as open to Canadians, interview candidates, select the best and pass them onto us for onboarding.
  • Does my business have to file a Canadian tax treaty form or corporate tax return each year? No, it’s not needed.
  • How does payroll work? JobArc pays your team members in Canadian dollars twice monthly via direct deposit. You will be invoiced monthly in US dollars payable to a US bank account
  • What if the employee doesn’t work out? Are we locked into anything? No, just let JobArc know when you wish to end the arrangement.

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